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At Zur Goldige Guttere we cook with seasonal Swiss products and with inspiration from around the globe. If our name leaves you puzzled, that’s because it’s in Swiss-german. “Guttere” is an old-fashioned word for bottle; “goldig” means golden. Put together: The Golden Bottle.


Our menu abides by mum’s rules of “eating what is put on the table”. Imagine a family-style dinner where all the food is shared and everyone gets to try. The dishes are based on what’s currently being harvested, on the contents of our preserving jars in the cellar and Linda’s inspiration on that particular day.

That is how unexpected combinations are created at Zur Goldige Guttere. What may seem odd at first glance will fill your palate with an explosion of flavour and will be served to you without pretense. We love roasting, playing around with dough and using freshness to lighten things up. We set our focus on vegetables and make sure only down-to-earth, local products end up in our kitchen. We preserve them at their peak, allowing us to offer an exciting menu all year round. It goes without saying that everything at Zur Goldige Guttere is fresh off the farm, organically sourced and homemade – anything else wouldn’t make sense to us.

Menu including 7 dishes to share, always vegetarian, meatoption sometimes, Fr.80 per person

For Dinner

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