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We love top-notch gastronomy, are fascinated by stories from all corners of the culinary
world and experts at filling up jars with seasonal treasures. When we are not at the
restaurant, we’re most likely out and about picking elderflowers in Wiedikon or climbing
plum trees together.
There are lots of people involved at the Guttere: The superbosses Laura M. and Flurina, chef Jeannine and sous-chef Laura B, Noa, Kathi, Lili, Yasmin, Sjanca, Gil, Malin and Mara. It might be the coolest team in town with an even cooler skillset: A professional football
player, biologist or graphic designer, we’ve got you covered.
Let’s not forget about the founders Meret and Linda. They opened their first restaurant Zur
Goldige Guttere two years ago. It all started at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, or actually with
Meret's cherries from Fricktal. The preservation journey took its course. They launched their
first pop-up projects in 2021, iklämmt and Atomic fritten, grilled cheese sandwiches and
triple cooked fries. And now, you’ll find them at Langstrasse, where they are opening a new
restaurant with Sämi. Come eat some toast at Roter Delfin.

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